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Member Support Package Questions

  • Why is SAL giving this support package and has it been done before?
    This is the first time in SAL’s history that we are putting together a help package like this. This is an unprecedented situation and the legal profession like many other sectors is impacted. This help package is our commitment to stand in solidarity with the profession during this difficult time. We also hope that our members will make use of the various resources available to prepare both themselves and their firms to take on new challenges in the post COVID period.
  • How will the SAL Member Support Package benefit members?
    The package amounting to $1.9 million aims to benefit individual members and law firms by:

a. Enabling individuals to meet their professional needs;

b. Enabling law firms to save some operating costs; and

c. Enabling small law firms to review their work processes to be more cost/work efficient.

Details are as follows;

Support Eligibility Validity
Additional Credit dollar (C$) of 150.00 to eligible active SAL members
  • Only active members who
    have no outstanding fees for
    more than 12 months will
    receive the additional C$
  • The C$ will enable a member
    to register for SAL Group
    learning and development
    programmes (currently
    delivered in the form of
    webinars) and to purchase SAL
    Group publications and titles
  • C$ will be credited to the
    members’ accounts by 09 May
  • C$ will expire by the end of the
    current Financial Year on 31 March
2 months’ waiver
of LawNet basic
subscription fees
  • Only existing law firm and
    corporate counsel subscribers
    will receive the waiver
  • Waiver of fees will be given for
    the June and July invoices
Free access to
FLIP’s Lighten-Up
consulting package
  • This will be limited to 40 small
    firms given the current capacity
    to offer the programme
  • Interested firms will need to
    apply and dedicate time to
    complete the 3-month
  • Target to launch in August 2020.
    Further details of the registration
    mechanics will be announced at a
    later date
  • Why is it given only to fee-paying members and not those who are currently on waiver?
    As members who are on waiver are no longer in practice and given the exigency of the situation, SAL wants to help our active members weather this storm and prepare for a post-COVID operating environment.
  • Why is it given in the form of credit dollar (C$) and not outright cash?
    Our credit dollar (C$) scheme is designed to encourage our members to partake in training programmes and resources including the purchase of SAL publications/titles for professional development. This has worked well over the years. The majority of respondents in our survey have also indicated a need for such programmes/tools to help them during this period. By giving C$ instead of cash, we are able to meet the needs of different sectors of our membership base. Members have the flexibility to choose to use the additional C$ to purchase legal titles or register for different types of learning programmes (currently delivered via webinars) that are relevant to their needs. SAL will continue to curate new content and offer a variety of courses (including CPD accredited programmes) and wellbeing programmes. We encourage our members to look out for our email communications as well as check back on the SAL COVID website for regular updates.
  • Some members may not need this additional help. Why is it given to all classes of members?
    It is a challenge for SAL to truly determine the impact of COVID-19 on individual members while the situation is still evolving. Hence, the approach we have taken is to provide support to all eligible active SAL members.
  • If I don’t need this additional credit dollar (C$), can I donate it to another member or give it back to SAL so that it can be re-distributed?
    We seek your understanding that we are unable to re-allocate / donate / transfer the additional C$ to other members. Should you choose not to utilise the additional C$, the remaining balance upon expiry, will go back to our books to fund other future initiatives.
  • Given that the package is designed to help organisations as well as individuals, can we use our credit dollar (C$) to pay for future LawNet subscriptions? 
    Credit dollar (C$) is not eligible for use with LawNet subscriptions.

Additional Credit Dollar (C$)

  • Am I eligible for the additional credit dollar (C$)?
    You will be eligible for additional C$ if you satisfy all the following conditions:
    a. you are not holding an associate student member account;
    b. you have no outstanding membership fees of more than 12 months; and
    c. your 2020 membership fees were not waived based on SAL Rule 4(1).

    Should you wish to check and make payment for outstanding membership fees, you may do so by logging-in anytime at or by writing to [email protected].

  • How can I check if the additional credit dollar (C$) is in my account? 
    The additional C$ will be available to eligible members from 09 May 2020. Members may check their credit dollar balance by logging-in to
  • If I pay my outstanding membership fees today, when will the additional credit dollar (C$) show in my account? 
    It will take about two weeks
  • Is there an expiry date for the additional credit dollar (C$)? 
    All C$ accumulated in 2020, including the C$ 35.00 which has been credited into your account earlier upon payment of your current SAL membership fees, will expire on 31 March 2021. Members may check their C$ balance by logging-in to
  • How can I use the additional credit dollar (C$)?
    As per normal, members may use their C$ to register for SAL-organised seminars, training and conferences and/or for purchasing SAL titles and publications. The full list of this is available at We will continue to add to this list so please check out this this overview for details or look out for our updates via social media and email.
  • How do I make the credit dollar (C$) redemption? 
    Members may only redeem C$ by logging-in at For a step-by-step guide on how to make the redemption, please refer to
  • I have earlier purchased a publication/registered for an event, can I request for a refund of the payment and then thereafter use the additional C$ in my account?
    Unfortunately, the previous transaction will be considered final and we are unable to issue a refund. Redemption of C$ is only applicable for new transactions.

Waiver of LawNet Basic Subscription

  • Who is eligible for the 2 months’ waiver of LawNet basic subscription fees?
    Only existing law firms and in-house counsel subscribers who have signed-up on or before 31 March 2020 will receive the waiver of subscription fees. The types of subscribers are determined according to the information provided during account registration. For clarification with regards to your LawNet subscription, you may call 6778 2688 or email [email protected].
  • When will we see the waiver of LawNet basic subscription fees? 
    The waiver of subscription fees will be reflected in the June and July 2020 invoices.
  • How much of the LawNet basic subscription fees will be waived?
    The total basic subscription fees for the months of June and July 2020 will be waived.

Business Process Re-engineering

  • What does the Lighten-Up! Consulting package involve?
    Lighten-Up! Consulting is a bespoke one-to-one package of up to 3 months to help law firms become leaner and more productive. The programme will involve a consultant who will help you review and re-design operational processes and recommend the adoption of some baseline technologies. The consulting package was developed by the Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP) in partnership with leading legal process re-engineering experts, in close consultation with industry stakeholders.
  • Why is there a limit of only 40 firms?
    Because of the amount of attention given by the BPR consultants to each firm’s progress across the 3-month programme, we are limiting the number of participating firms to only up to 40.
  • Which firms are eligible for the FLIP Lighten-Up! Consulting package? 
    Priority will be given to the first 40 small firms* . Further details on eligibility as well as the registration mechanics will be announced on a later date.
    *Refers to Singapore law firms with no more than five lawyers.
  • How can the firm sign up for the FLIP Lighten-Up! Consulting package?
    SAL is still finalising the details of the package and will be sharing further details on eligibility and registration on a later date. Please keep a look-out for the SAL email announcements or you may also bookmark this page.

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