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Free Academy Library Trial until 31 March 2022


1. What is Academy Library? 

Academy Library is a new digital reading service that features Academy Publishing titles and titles from select legal publishers. To access Academy Library, please go to

2.  I am subscribed to LawNet Legal Research where I have access to Academy publishing content, how is this service different? 

LawNet Legal Research aims to provide information specific to your search, ie, it provides that part of the book which contains the information you searched for. Academy Library aims to provide the same experience you would have if you were to use a physical copy of a book or publication.

3. What are the Academy Publishing titles available inside Academy Library? 

Academy Library carries Academy Publishing’s Law Practice Series and Monograph Series titles. The complete list of titles will be made available soon; please bookmark this page. 

Eligibility and Access 

4. Is the service free? 

Academy Library is a paid service. The prices will be published in SAL’s e-bookshop

For a limited time till 31 March 2022, eligible SAL members will have free access to select titles in Academy Library. For more information on eligibility, please see the answer to the next question.

For organisations interested in subscribing to the service, please send an email to [email protected]

5. Who is eligible to access the service? 

Eligible SAL members* will be receiving an email from SAL once the service is launched in end of November 2021. 

*SAL members who:

a.       have no outstanding membership fees of more than 12 months;

b.       are active members and were not given a waiver of fees based on SAL Rule 4 (1); and

c.       are not Associate Student Members

Should you wish to check and make payment for outstanding membership fees, you may do so by logging in anytime at by writing into [email protected]

6. How do I find out if I’m eligible? 

Eligible members will be receiving an email from SAL once the service is launched at the end of November 2021. Should you have questions regarding your eligibility, you may write to [email protected]

7. How do I access Academy Library? 

To access Academy Library, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to create your new SAL ID
  2. Click on Sign In > Create Account. Enter your particulars and your new password

  1. Once logged-in, click on Let’s start reading > Link your membership to activate your free trial access

  1. Enter your SAL Membership Number (please refer to your activation email) and the last 4 characters of your NRIC / FIN / Passport (numbers and letters)



7. What is LexRead? 

LexRead is a digital service by LexisNexis. It allows users to read publications on any screen with a browser that supports Flash. LexRead™ eBooks are digital downloadable file versions of traditional print books, in most cases, they are designed to look exactly like the print version so you will see the same layout, figures, graphs, charts, and/or drawings.

8. Who can access LexRead? 

LexRead is available free to SAL members who:

  1. are existing LawNet Legal Research subscribers
  2. have no outstanding membership fees of more than 12 months;
  3. are active members and were not given waiver of fees based on SAL Rule 4 (1); and
  4. are not Associate Student Members.

Should you wish to check and make payment for outstanding membership fees, you may do so by logging-in anytime at or by writing to [email protected]

9. What are the titles available inside LexRead? 

The LexRead titles available under this service include:

  • Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act Compendium
  • The Law & Practice of Singapore Income Tax, 3rd Edition
  • Take-overs and Mergers, 3rd Edition
  • Evidence and the Litigation Process, 7th Edition
  • Lye Lin Heng’s Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore, 2nd Edition
  • Employment Law in Singapore, Sixth Edition
  • Financial Crimes in Singapore, Second Edition
  • Intellectual Property – A Business User’s Guide
  • Singapore Mediation Handbook
  • Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, Sixth Edition
  • Tan Sook Yee’s Principles of Singapore Land Law, Fourth Edition
  • Woon’s Corporation Law, 2019 Desk Edition
  • A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules
  • Banking Law, Third Edition
  • Companies Act – Compendium of Changes 2017 / 2018
  • Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore, Third Edition
  • Elements of Family Law in Singapore, Third Edition
  • Family Procedure in Singapore
  • Probate & Administration in Malaysia and Singapore, Fourth Edition
  • Singapore International Arbitration – Law & Practice, Second Edition

10. How long will I get free access to LexRead? 

Free access to the selected LexRead e-books will be available till 31 August 2024.

11. Why should I subscribe to Academy Library? 

  • View books using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. “Carry” as many books with you as you want. Access authoritative material anywhere you are, like a library on the go.
  • The new Research Assistant meticulously links footnotes, indices, and references, so discovery is just a mere tap away. Your new research assistant can also bring you right back to your last read chapter across all books and devices.
  • No more searching between the lines – The (beta) “search within” books function as a zoom-in on key terms and ideas. Results will take you directly to the right sections.