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Free 1-Year access to LIFTED-LinkedIn Learning valued at $400 per user for 5,000 members


1. Is access to LIFTED-LinkedIn Learning available to all members? 

There are 5,000 LIFTED-Linkedin Learning accounts available to SAL members who: 

  1. have no outstanding membership fees of more than 12 months;  
  2. are active members and were not given a waiver of fees under the SAL Rule 4 (1); and 
  3. are not Associate Student Members. 

Should you wish to check and make payment for outstanding membership fees, you may do so by logging in anytime at or by writing to [email protected].  

2.  How do I sign-up for a LIFTED-LinkedIn Learning account?

The email invitation to activate LIFTED-Linkedin Learning accounts will be sent out in phases to eligible members in the months of August and September. In the email is a unique activation link as well as other important activation instructions. From the date of the email, members have 14 days to activate the account, after which the activation link will no longer work.  

As the activation link is meant for one-time use, please do not forward the link to others. 

3. How much time do I have to activate my LIFTED-LinkedIn Learning account? 

All eligible members are given 14 days to activate their individual account.  The deadline for activation will be indicated in the email to eligible members. After 14 days, the activation link will not work and the licence will be offered to other members. 

4. What will happen if I fail to activate the account?

We strongly encourage all eligible members to activate their accounts once you have received the invitation. If an eligible member fails to do the activation within 14 dayswe will offer the account to another member. Should there be available accounts after all the invitations were issued, these accounts will be offered again to those who failed to do the activation.  

5. How come I did not receive the invitation?

We will be sending the invitations to eligible members by email in phases, from 16 August to end of September. The email will be from [email protected]. Sometimes, your email provider might classify our email as spam.  

If you would like to check the email address on record with SAL, you may login to the Customer Portal or write to us at [email protected]. 

6. I don’t have a LinkedIn account, what do I need to do?

To access the LIFTED-Linkedin Learning portal, a Linkedin account is required. When you click the link for activation, you will be redirected to the sign-in page. Here you may log in using an existing Linkedin account or you may create a new account.   

7. The email address I have with SAL and the one I use with LinkedIn are not the same, will there be any issue?

No, there won’t be any issue if the emails don’t match. You are provided an option to log in using your existing Linkedin account during account activation.  

For more details, see answer to ‘How do I activate my account’. 

8. How do I activate my account


If you are eligible, you will be receiving an invitation to activate your account sent from [email protected] 


 You have 14-days to activate the account, simply open the email and click the Activate Account button.  


  • You’ll be taken to LIFTED-LinkedIn Learning, where you can log in using an existing Linkedin account or create an account if you do not have one.  


9. What is a learning Pathway? 

LIFTED-LinkedIn pathway is a structured learning pathway in an online format that is easily accessible by legal professionals and allied legal professionals looking to upskill targeted areas relevant to the legal industry.

10. What are the Learning Pathways available for me? 

To meet your learning needs, you will be pre-assigned to a number of LIFTEDLearning Pathways curated specifically to your postqualification experience (PQE).  

11. Can I select the Learning Pathways?

Your learning Pathways are already pre-assigned, hence you will not be able to make any changes.

12. How do I found out which LIFTED-Learning Pathways were assigned to me? 

After you have activated your account and you have logged-in successfully, you may go to the “From Your Organization” tab to view the pathway assigned to you. 

13. What are the different types of LIFTED-Learning Pathways?  

The learning pathways are curated for the following PQE groups: 

  • For PQE (0 to 5)
  • For PQE (6 to 15)
  • For PQE (> 15)  

The following are the examples of the learning pathways for each PQE group: 

  • LIFTED Leadership & Business Acumen Pathway 
  • LIFTED Intrapersonal Intelligence Pathway 
  • LIFTED Interpersonal Effectiveness Pathway 

14. How do I complete the course in the Pathway? 

You may select the courses listed in the “From Your Organization” tab. Once the page is open, you can click on the first video listed on the page. Once you complete a video, the next video will play automatically.   

15. How do I track my progress in completing the courses in the Pathway?

Courses you’re currently watching are listed on the In Progress tab of your My Learningpage. Once you’ve completed a course, it will move from yourIn Progress tab to your Learning History tab. 

16. How do I access the courses I’m currently trying to complete? 

To access your current courses: 


      Log in to LinkedIn Learning. 

STEP 2       

Click your photo in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn Learning homepage. 


  • From the dropdown that appears, click In Progress below the My Learning section to view the courses you’re currently watching. 

17. How do I download the certificate of completion? 

Once you have completed the learning paths, you may download certificates of completion from your Learning History located in the My Learning section. 

18. I’m having issues with the platform, who do I contact?

If you are experiencing technical issues, you may refer to the resources made available to users at


19. Will I be able to claim CPD points for completing the LIFTED Learning Pathways in LinkedIn? 

Yes, you may obtain 1 Private CPD Point for each hour of video you review. The number of Private CPD points must be rounded up or down to the nearest full or 0.5 Private CPD Point. There will be an indication for the total Private CPD Points you can obtain for completing a particular pathway; please refer to the pathway description.  

20. How many private points can I claim in total?

Your CPD requirements are set out by SILE. Please refer to the SILE CPD Centre for the most updated information.

CPD points

21. If I watch a video half-way, will I be able to claim for CPD points? 

No, you will need to complete the video to be eligible to claim for points.

22. How do I claim for Private CPD points? 

  • For each course you complete within a LIFTED Learning Pathway, you can claim SILE Private CPD
  • To ensure that you engage deeply with the subject, we recommend completing all the courses in the LIFTED Learning Pathway(s) that you select.
  • Once you have completed a LIFTED Learning Pathway, you can write to [email protected] to request a record of your activity.
  • Update your SILE CPD ePortfolio with the details of the LIFTED Learning Pathway courses you have completed and claim Private CPD Points for them. For information on how to do so, you can visit theSILE CPD Centre at

23. How do I request for a record of my learning activity?

Once you have completed a LIFTED Learning Pathway, you can write to [email protected] to request a record of your activity.

24. If I have questions about CPD points, who do I contact?

Please write to [email protected] for enquires regarding CPD Points for LIFTED Linkedin Learning